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Where We Started 

The love and passion for Cane Corso all started with a poorly bred Corso stealing our heart. His name is Genesis. Genesis is the reason our kennel exists today, and is run with passion and heart by my mother, Margaret Naab, and me, Shelby Naab. Genesis showed us what having a best friend and soul mate feels like. Falling in love with him made us fall in love with this breed. 

The name GENESIS means: the origin, beginning, birth, or creation of something. (Collins dictionary) This led to registering him as a PAL dog with AKC, his name is now First Chronicles Genesis. Meaning: The Earliest Formation of Our Story.  We now work together to produce the best Cane Corso, and create our own story.


Here begins our quest to find a foundation male. During our search, we came across a Kennel in Illinois with beautiful, solid dogs sporting impressive pedigree. From this kennel we selected Exodus, who is now an integral part of our lives.  As Exodus claimed his role within the family, we took extra care in observing him grow, which included training and showing. With Exodus's many years of paramount performing under our belt, we reached a point at which we were confident in knowing the prerequisites for a foundation bitch.  After an arduous search, we then purchased a foundation bitch from Serbia bringing in beautiful bloodlines, a stable mind and ancient pedigree.

How It's Going

We named our Kennel "Cream City Cane Corso", meaning "Connecting the importance of home and our passion together.  My mother and I plan to grow the breed by selecting for a sound & stable mind, while maintaining the hard-working Cane Corso energy. Cream City Cane Corse is built on family values and a true passion for dogs. We are not looking to be the largest breeder, we are looking to connect people with their new soul mate and create a productive and loving member of the family. 

Our story is ongoing. We hope you'll be part of our future as we endeavor to expand this business. 

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The Team

Where the Passion Begins

None of this would be possible without  the awesome people below.

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Much like most animal lovers it starts from a young age. My journey began in horses and slowly but surely grew into dogs as well. After running multiple horse barns for a few years along with managing a doggy daycare and grooming salon. I decided to start my journey to becoming a dog trainer. Now that I found my forever career. I decided I wanted to pair it with my soul breed. My Kennel is not just a hobby but a huge part of what makes me, me.

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My love for dogs has always been part of my life. However I never got into the animal industry like my daughter. I worked in the corporate world managing and leading multitudes of people. Now in my retirement I get to spend it doing something I love. When I was younger I grew up with our family dog Angus, a Scottish Terrier. As I got older and out on my own I had Cocker Spaniels. I have since upgraded to a 100+ pound Cane Corso's. This breed has become my passion with all my heart and soul.

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